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Services for Solicitors

Adjudication Services

Brant Associates has considerable experience in assisting Solicitors in Adjudications, whether they are representing the Referring or Responding Party.

Trevor Brant has acted as Adjudicator, and is named as the appointed Adjudicator in a number of Contractor's Sub-Contracts. 

We recognise and attend to the importance for clear, concise and well-presented Expert Reports to support the Referral, Response, Reply etc. and have extensive experience of producing same in respect of time and quantum.

Equally we understand and react to the urgent response needed when a Responding party is "ambushed" by an unexpected Referral.


In considering whether to promote Adjudication procedures, or when faced with a Referral it is important to establish the following:

Brant Associates can advise on all of the above, thereby assisting Instructing Solicitors to provide the best possible advice to their Client.


Brant Associates can be relied upon to deal with the technical aspects of delay analysis and quantum, thereby allowing Instructing Solicitors to concentrate on the legal aspects involved.  This also has the benefit of keeping the involvement of the Client’s own personnel to a minimum, thereby allowing them to concentrate on other day to day duties.


Our approach is to support Instructing Solicitors and not to stray into their areas of expertise.  We are committed to providing the best possible advice so as to enhance the reputation of those instructing us.