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Services for Sub-Contractors

Checking of Tenders and Sub-Contracts / System Implementation

Many of our Sub-Contract clients have requested that we provide a service whereby we check Sub-Contract orders prior to our clients signing and returning orders. Whilst we do carry out this service, our recommendation is always that we instead check the Contractual element of any tender enquiries. The reason for this is that by the time tenders have been submitted, negotiations have occurred and a Sub-Contract has been issued it is often too late to seek amendment of the conditions, particularly if they were contained within the

It is very important when working under a Construction Contract that everyone is aware of what their obligations are under the Sub-Contract and that certain tasks are carried out in accordance with the time and manner prescribed within the Sub-Contract.

Failure to adhere to the correct administration of the Sub-Contract may result in exposure to risk or a reduction in a Sub-Contractor’s entitlements under the Sub-Contract.

A Sub-Contractor will also have obligations relating to any Sub-Sub-Contracts it enters into.

Brant Associates is very experienced in identifying the needs of Sub-Contractors in respect of their requirements and implementing systems to assist the Sub-Contractor’s staff in ensuring compliance with its requirements.

Brant Associates has implemented systems for UK top 10 Contractors and Sub-Contractors, including but not limited to:-

If you require any advice or assistance with implementing systems within your organisation please contact us.