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Services for Sub-Contractors

Recovery of Retention Monies

Brant Associates are aware of the difficulty Sub-Contractors can have in recovery of retention monies which they are entitled to. This is particularly an issue in respect of the release of the final moiety.

Brant Associates are being instructed on a more frequent basis to assist in recovering such monies. This is predominantly due to Contractors holding on to the money for as long as possible to assist with their own cash flow, at the expense of the party who is contractually entitled to possess the money.

Much of the difficulty in recovering retention monies is determining the Contractual mechanisms which trigger the release of first and second moiety. It is then a matter of obtaining confirmation from the client that these milestones have been reached, for example the issue of the Certificate of Making Good Defects.

Brant Associates are very experienced in these matters, having worked on both sides of the fence. We are also aware of where to look within the various Contracts to identify any Contract provisions which can be used to force the client to provide evidence of whether said milestones have been achieved or not.