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News Articles

The following articles have been extracted from our e-news letters and other publications. All have been produced by Brant Associates’ personnel. Please click on the name of the article to view it in full:-

Does Anyone Really ‘Plan to Fail’? Trevor Brant, March 2013

Article relating to the potential consequences of inaction in implementing a rigorous planning function, considering delay and loss and/or expense issues and how to implement planning policy and procedures.

“Why failing to plan is planning to fail.” Simon Penrose, December 2012

Article considering the requirements of different forms of Contract in respect of planning and detailing best practice in order to avoid exposure in the instance of a claim occurring.

What effect will BIM have on Construction Disputes...??, Ian Brant, April 2012

Article considering the prevalence of BIM and the potential impact on the occurrence of Construction disputes.

Is Adjudication too expensive?, Ian Brant, April 2011

Article considering the reasons why Adjudication has moved away from being a quick, cheap method of resolving disputes relating to interim valuations.

The “Prevention Principle” is Alive and Kicking, Trevor Brant, May 2011

Article regarding the apportionment of delays approach where concurrent delays occur and the application of the “prevention principle”, whereby a party cannot benefit from its own breach of contract.

Wax on, Wax off,  Mark Brant, September 2010

Article considering the comparisons between the Construction Industry and Martial Arts in respect of dealing with Conflict. The article deals with preparing to defend yourself, methods of defending yourself and giving you the best chance in a fight.

Disputes to become more complex?, Ian Brant, June 2010

Article considering whether Partnering agreements result in a less adversarial approach and therefore reduce the likelihood of disputes arising and whether they leave the parties exposed due to the reduction in the volume and quality of records.

Late or non-payment problems, Trevor Brant, February 2010

Article considering what steps should be taken to give Contractors / Sub-Contractors the best chance of recovering their full entitlement against interim applications for payment.

When is a ‘Slip’ Not a ‘Slip’, Trevor Brant, February 2010

Article regarding the slip rule, whereby an Adjudicator can amend his/her decision to correct an accidental error or omission or to clarify an ambiguity.  

Tackling Legal Disputes – The Wembley Experience, Trevor Brant, June 2009

Article using the Wembley Stadium disputes as examples to consider the reasons for the high number of disputes within Construction contracts. The article also discusses what can be done to prevent or minimise the impact of these disputes in respect of being prepared to defend them.

Letters of Intent and Quantum Meruit – Easy Street or Skid Row?, Brant Associates, August 2006

Article discussing the pitfalls of letters of intent and instances whereby it is claimed that due to the lack of a recognised agreed legal contract valuation of the works could be calculated on a quantum meruit basis, i.e. calculated based upon actual costs incurred in carrying out the works.